Like most sets released there are parallels in this one as well. The easiest to find are the gold parallels, each of the 440 cards with gold borders and numbered out of 2011 on the back.

2011 gold parallel set

Following those are the factory red parallels, only released in factory boxes where you had to buy the entire 440 card base set to pull 5 random red cards. The reds are numbered to 77 on the back.

2011 factory red parallel set

The next parallels are the black border, numbered to 55 on the back. I am currently only missing one and its compete. Interesting tidbit, almost 50 of the 440 so far are 1/55 in numbering. Some collectors care about that odd stuff. I figured it was just something extra I could do.

2011 black parallel set

The most rare of all are the platinum parallels. 1/1 on the back. I know this is another subset that will never be completed, but I want to make it as far as possible. So far I have almost 30/440.

2011 platinum parallels
Somehow there are at least 8 of this card. The only difference I can tell is they are not stamped 1/1 on the back, I own 2 of the 8.

During the month of October of that year, for Breast Cancer Awareness month, and only at each teams home games, a sealed four pack of cards containing 2 Panini cards, and 2 pink border Topps parallel cards to this set where given out. I am not sure on how many of each, and I can not find any official answer, but I would assume 5k-20k of each pack. While that’s not a super pin point guess, I can tell you in 8 years of online browsing, I’ve come across hundreds of some teams, and zero of others and also thinking about giveaways, its usually only to the first so many thousand. These are not numbered and I am over halfway complete with the set.

BCA pink parallel set

Now an unofficial parallel set that I am working on are the errors. No name, no foil error cards. I have about half the 440 card set in error form.

Another 1/1 set of parallels are the Topps Vault blank back proofs. 440 cards encased and each w a COA.