Hello and welcome to the 2011 Topps football master set. Inside I will provide detailed pictures, and articles with news about this set. My goal here is to reach as many people as possible so over the years as people find cards to this set they know where to sell them!

A little intro on how I got started on this set. I Started collecting mostly baseball cards as a kid in the 80’s. Like everyone I thought one day I would buy a house with the cards, and my goal was 1 million cards. I remember sitting in my room stacking cards on the carpet by player, then a week later by set, then a week later some other way just for fun. I doubt honestly a single card would grade even an 8 today from all that handling and playing with them, but it was fun, I was a kid. The Baseball strike in the early 90’s is what ruined baseball and card collecting for me. Fast forward to a few months into 2011… I am walking with my girlfriend in Walmart and pass their card section. I decide to browse for a couple minutes. I am not even considering baseball as I had not regained any passion for the sport, but instead went to the football cards. The 2011 wrapper was clean and simple. I liked the look of it and the look of the product that was inside. The design was simple, it reminded me of the late 80’s Topps baseball cards in its layout. Also, I was not a fan of the look of chrome, nor most of the other sets, as I found they had way too much clutter on the card, or relied too heavy on sparkle or some other gimmick. I was hooked after my first pack.


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